Friday, September 25, 2009

A Ceremony with Heart

Charity has always been important to me. For years I have worked in the nonprofit sector and been active in philanthropic causes. That charitable impulse is one of the reasons that Celebrancy was so appealing to me—this is a lovely, creative way to be of service to people during important moments in their lives. So, it was a natural next step when I decided “marry” my Celebrancy practice with charitable giving.

I recently decided to launch “ceremony with a heart.” It is a simple idea. For each ceremony that I am lucky enough to officiate, I will make a contribution to a charity to commemorate the honoree. For me, this is a small way of “giving back.” I am exceedingly grateful to do this kind of work—why not share my good fortune with others? With nonprofits facing financial struggles due to the recession, they can certainly use the assistance. Whether the service is a funeral/memorial, wedding, baby welcoming, home blessing, coming of age ceremony or anything else, there is no better way to recognize an individual, couple, or family than shining a light on causes with meaning to the honoree. So, for example, “my” bride and groom are marrying in Central Park this weekend, here in New York. They adore this public space where they walk their beloved dog every day. So they have asked that a donation to the Central Park Conservancy.

So, my little contribution is one little way to keep the virtuous cycle of loving going and giving.
*The above photograph is my boyfriend's kindergarten graduation in Budapest, Hungary, circa 1959. The children are given a handkerchief with bread tied up--for the journey.

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